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SQUARE TWO  Automatic Tensioners:

Automatic Tensioners typeS2- TO – S2-ET –S2-TA –S2-NT are automatic devices which allow to keep the right tension of the transmission chain so it lasts longer.

In addition they recover the stretching that the chain has little by little during its functioning.

So thanks to the automatic tensionless you can avoid vibrations and noise linked to functioning.

These automatic Tensioners do not need the intervention of any workers so you can save time for the maintenance and for the control of the machineries on which they are set up.

Automatic Tensioners type S2-TO – S2-ET – S2-TA are made of a body in a special aluminium alloy that avoids seizure so the zinc-plated stud bolts can perfectly slide in a high strength steel in the point where the head is set up.

The type S2-NT has an aluminium body that is closed in the lower part to avoid the seepage of external agents . Automatic Tensioners typeS2- NT has sliding bush used for the stud bolts and it is made of a plastic material.

 Type S2-TO – S2-TA – S2-NT have a tension head made of a plastic material that avoids wear and tear and has a very low friction coefficient ( polyethylene 1000 dynamic friction coefficient 0.06 dry steel) they can resist to a temperature of 65°C.

The polyethylene heads, that can be in 3 different profiles, have a wear and tear reduced to nothing ( at the above temperature) and they can be used according to the ISO and ASA proceedings on simple, double or triple chain drive.

 Type S2-ET are particularly suitable when you need to work with high temperature

That can cause wear and tear to gum or plastic.

You can reach a temperature of 130°.

 On the stud bolts they have head made of a light die cast alloy where it is possible to set up pulleys, sprockets, pinions, etc.

TypeS2- TO 05 are the plastic version of the previous one and they have the same mechanical functions, they can work at a temperature of 65°C. The body and the head are in PA66+Molybdenum Disulfide ( plastic material).

 Type S2-TO 05-DP1 are a plastic version with body made of PA66+Molybdenum Disulfide and the head made of polyethylene 1000.

For all the types above you can have a food version with stud bolts, spring and all the setting up devices made of steel AISI 

 Performance under pressure 

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