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  1. Automatically maintains oil at the designed level. 
  2. Contaminants in oil are easy to detect in the oil when circulating through the lower chamber.
  3. Able to spot-check volume and condition of unused oil in the transparent reservoirs.
  4. Easy identification of excessive oil usage. Can then program early scheduling of R & M.
  5. Simple isolation of the oil reservoir and base with a 3-way valve allows removal of the remains of used oil from the reservoir.
  6. If the oil level is low, it can be refilled instantly without shutting down the machine.
  7. The lubricating oil level can be adjusted to the optimum position while the machine is in operation. 

The oil leveller basically consists of two communicating oil reservoirs, one on top of the other.
The lower reservoir is in direct contact with the application and hence its oil level is the same as the oil level inside the application. Through a ventilation tube the lower reservoir is in direct contact with the ambient air.

 Installation Examples

The OPECL series of products, type TOM-500 and TOM-1000, are designed for automatic adjustment of the optimal oil lubrication level within a   bearing housing, gear box, crank case or similar oil bath application.
They effectively solve the problem of adjusting the correct oil level during running conditions rather than during stand-still.
Furthermore, they will automatically compensate for oil leakage and offer the possibility for visual inspection of the oil level.
The oil leveller will not compensate if the oil level is too high.

 Performance under pressure 

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