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Memolub HPS represents the state of the art in automatic lubricator technology. Thanks to its astonishing 25 bar operating pressure, Memolub HPS is capable of lubricating up to eight points at distances of up to twelve meters.

Memolub HPS delivers the right lubrication to the right point on time every time. Memolub HPS with its patented design offers capabilities not found in any other lubricator on the market today. From the moment Memolub HPS is installed it begins lubricating immediately and with over fifty time and discharge setting available, Memolub HPS can be programmed to meet the exact bearing or machine manufacturers lubrication recommendations. Best of all Memolub HPS is reusable.

Simple, low cost replacement cartridges are available in a wide variety of both grease and oil fillings to suit any application.

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 Click Here Memolub HPS -EX (Hazardous Area)
 Click Here Memolub HPS - EPC (External Power Control)
 Click Here Memolub HPS - EPS  (External Power Supply)
 Click Here Memolub HPS - PLCd (PLC Programmable)
 Click Here Memolub HPS - FC (Full Control) 

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Who is using Memolub HPS today

Steel Works

Glass Works

Wind Turbines


Tidal Wave Turbines

The Car Industry

The list just carries on...........




Food industry


Power Generating

Rail Industry



They have all chosen Square Two’s Memolub HPS not because it’s a nice name but because we form the best partnerships in the world. 

For over 30 years our seasoned staff have successfully resolved problems our customers encounter on a day to day basis.

If you are one of the above Industries, we will have probably solved your problem, if not we look forward to the challenge. 

All our customers get total support, we turn failures into successes.

Get started with one of our most popular Self- install Kits, we GUARANTEE Success- call us today.

Trial units available for site demonstration and evaluation.

Lumax Lubrication Equipment 
Grease Guns
Designed with the user in mind, Lumax products incorporate many unique features that make work easier and faster . . . they are built to the highest standards.

Lube-Shuttle offers well-engineered, long lasting equipment for the professional Automotive and Industrial markets.

Nord Washers
Automatic Tensioners

Oil Tom

Automatic Tensioners

Chain/Belt Tensioners

These automatic tensioners once fitted do not need the intervention of any workers so you can save time for the maintaince

Rotary Tensioners

Automatic tensioners type are automatic devices which allow you to keep the right chain drive tension so it can last longer.

In addition they recover the stretching that the chain has little by little during is functioning so you can avoid noises and vibrations caused by its slackening.

Clutch Torque Limiters

Torque limiters are reliable security devices of high quality. They are used to protect drive parts from overload which can damage the transmission gears Usually they transmit the right coupling and slip when they are overloaded

The right adjustment of the coupling is reached screwing the threaded adjusting ring

If the coupling exceeds the established limit the drive is automatically disconnected

Nord Washers
Automatic Tensioners

Oil Tom


 Performance under pressure 

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